Odiana is the Old Portuguese word for the Guadiana River, a river in the southeastern region of Portugal. The word has its origin in Arabic and Roman words: 'uadi' is Arabic for 'river', 'anas' is the Latin word for 'duck'. Thus, Odiana roughly translates to 'river of ducks'.
Our olive oil is produced in the Guadiana River's basin with water from the Alqueva Dam in Alentejo, Western Europe's largest artificial lake, in a process that combines the most modern technology with the ancestral knowledge introduced in the region by both Romans and Arabs.

In addition to Olive Oil, its flagship product, the Odiana brand includes two more products: Olives and Vinegars. To find out more about Odiana's line of products, follow the link below or download the catalog.

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Featuring products from a broad range of food categories, Campura aims at being a trusted brand, recognized by consumers for the superior quality of its products. The brand offers products of Portuguese origin, making them available to be appreciated by customers throughout the world.

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